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by Albert Mikha on May 12, 2011

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YouTube has just released the newest feature, YouTube Movie Rental. Yes, you did not misread, Youtube is adding thousands of movies to be rented and watch directly online.

This step is made to persuade U.S. people to reduce their time watching TV and spend more time watching movies on Youtube.

"You’re spending just 15 minutes a day on YouTube, and spending five hours a day watching TV.  We think that’s going to change," said Salar Kamangar, Head of YouTube.

"Whether it's short movie trailers, funny movie parodies or full-length blockbuster films, we encourage you to sit back and settle in to the YouTube movies experience," Kamangar added.

YouTube Movie Rental For US Citizens Only

But unfortunately the rentals for Hollywood and Blockbuster movies can only be enjoyed by citizens of the United States. As for other countries, there is no confirm whether this feature will be available later.

For those of you who are not residing in the United States, do not be disappointed, because you still can watch movies for free for a number of old titles. From that listing, there may be a number of movies that you have not watched yet, but since it 's old, no one is selling it anymore nor can be rented.

Well now it's maybe the time to watch that movie here :

YouTube Movie RentalYouTube Movie Rental | Watch Hollywood and Box Office Movies  | Watch Youtube Movies picture

Adding New Movies

Indeed, the movies rented out most of the old movies. But this Google's video sharing service is also reported to have worked together with several Hollywood movie studios like Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Universal and Lionsgate to soon bring new titles to it's listing.

Many of the new movie titles are being added to YouTube, including "Inception", "King's Speech" as well as the "Green Hornet" and "Despicable Me." All the movies which are rented are completed with trailers, user reviews, ratings, interviews and video clips which you can watch before decide to renting.

Kamangar also said that YouTube Movie Rental is looking for amateur movie makers that can be attract TV viewers.

YouTube Movie Rental Cost

Camille Hearst, YouTube Product Marketing Manager said that the cost to rent new movies are $ 3.99 each and for old movies is $ 2.99 each. Each tenant has 30 days time to watch the movie that has been rented and given 24 hours to watch it from start through to completion.

You can read all the YouTube Movies features and rules here :

View YouTube Movie Rental Features

YouTube has evolved very big since it was acquired by Google in the Year 2006. If the first you need some devices to watch movies, TV show and news, now you can get all the comfort on YouTube as quoted from an official blog of YouTube :

"While six years ago you had to move device, room and platform to get all the video that matters most to you, today you can find it all on YouTube. By expanding our content partnerships worldwide and stimulating the success of budding filmmakers, artists and entrepreneurs, we’ll ensure that YouTube remains the best place for the world to see and discover rich talent."

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