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Password – Why People Want To Know & The Impacts

by Albert Mikha on October 10, 2010

in Internet Tips

Hhmnn.. Password, what is it? Who does not know the password? Most people now only use it as a formality and daily routine without knowing what exactly the password is, what is the use, benefits and most importantly is how to protect it.

Well, I will discuss about this secret codes and expect my readers can find out what exactly the password is and how to manage them.

Password is 'key word'. Ok I think it is an rough explanation, a combination of two words 'pass' and 'word'. But it's not as simple as that, because the password contains several codes which are arranged by the owner either by individuals or groups. Password typically used to perform an access authentication of the system that contains particular information.

Because it is so important information, so many people including hackers trying to get the password to get into the system or on the other hand, penetration into the system. They'll do that to take advantage of the system that has been penetrated.

Currently, password is widely used in various political interests, defense and economy. But I will discuss only the economic aspects like authentication of ATM machines, debit cards, credit cards, online banking, online payment, e-commerce and internet profile / account access.

There are several ATM machines that still use 4 digits password, but most have been using 6 digits or more. Length of a password matters a lot on how difficult it is to penetrate. Longer means better.

The combination of numbers and letters and other characters is recommended to make the strong one and will be difficult for someone to guess / get the combination. So make your password longer & contains a combination of complicated characters. But don't forget to remember it and never tell anyone.

Password is a key word in order to perform authentication.

So there are a variety of reasons why people want to know other's password :

1. Friends Password
Friends in office, college, school, play, good friend. Of course, to find out what activity the friends made daily.

2. Couples Password
These including husband, wife or girlfriend, will want to know, whether they have any affair with others and what is their activity.

3. Children Password

Parents want to know what is being done by children and anyone of his friends.

4. Boss Password
Employees wants to know what the boss and his job done, anyone anywhere colleagues and their activities.

5. Password Admin
Crackers & Hackers want to know all the information and access rights belong to some people. As soon as the password cracked and they have access, all information and access rights will change hand to them. If that happen, it is a nightmare to original access owner.

6. Opponents and Business Competitors Password
Companies want to know all the secrets of the competitors, what are they doing and what are their new discoveries.

7. Crime Password,
This type of people wanted to commit crimes by steal information to transfer of wealth and other people's money to the hacker, used for shopping and drain the wealth of the owner account such as credit card and bank account, and damaging the good name of others.

These are the nightmares when you lost your password, falls into another hand or has been cracked by a hacker :

1. Lost Personal Account's Password like Email and Social Network
- You can not open a personal email accounts, offices, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more.

- Sometimes the password hasn't changed, but the person who know it just login to your account to defame you, made some mess, or asking your friend for some money pretending as you (of course the money goes to that person).

2. Lost Organization's & Office's Password
- You can not access the system and your private and detail information may falls to the another parties.

3. Lost Administrator Password
- All rights and previledge access to the server administrator can no longer be used, the entire security structure changed and of course information will be transferred to another party.

4. Lost Banking & Payment PIN
- If the PIN has been taken over by another party then all online assets may be transferred to parties that can penetrate the system.

5. Lost Military and Critical Government Infrastructure Access Password
- If irresponsible person who got the password and aim to disrupt government system like civil aviation, ports, oil, gas, water and military and other heavy system, trust me, you don't want to know what happen next...

6. Lost Important News Website and TV Company's Password
- When the password has taken over, the impact is very large, the news and tv program will be able to contain negative content, pornography, defamation, incitement, racist, etc., which will lead to a physical war and unrest in all sides.

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