Google Vs Facebook - Bidding War To Acquire Twitter

by Albert Mikha on February 14, 2011

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Facebook and Google now is in talks with Twitter. Rumor says that they talked about the acquisition. Google and Facebook will most likely getting into the bidding war to acquire Twitter. But whether this acquisition is really going to happen?

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the acquisition of Twitter which will most likely be done by Facebook or Google is worth between USD $ 8 Billion to USD $ 10 Billion.

As we know, Twitter has a huge market and growing.

But the main problem is, Twitter is still unable to maximize it's business to achieve huge profits. Previously, Microsoft also had the chance to woo Twitter to join last year and was rejected.

Facebook continues to grow along with Twitter. However, both social media has a different direction. Facebook has many things that are more complicated than Twitter.

So what about Google? After less successful in attracting public interest with some social media sites launched a while ago, Google apparently still intends to expand it's business in social media.

If Google gets Twitter that has proved to be one of the successful social media sites in the world, it would be much better for them than starting from scratch or create a new social media that do not necessarily works as well. If this true, whether Google Buzz would be closed?

Obviously, now it still too far to predict the circumstances that might occur if either the internet giant Google or the social media giant Facebook will successfully ask Twitter to join. Twitter, on the time it refused an invitation to join Microsoft said that Twitter is not for sale and don't want to join with anyone.

With big pressures from big investors and the growth of users and needs, making Twitter a little overwhelmed right now. But will Twitter can survive alone in the near future or eventually will join with Google or Facebook or another? We'll just wait ...

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