Google New Algorithm Update - The Negative & Positive Impact

by Albert Mikha on March 2, 2011

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It has been nearly 1 week after Google applied the latest big algorithm update. This update aims to lower the ranking for low-quality and content farm websites.

On the opposite, sites which are considered high quality and more relevant, will be placed on higher rankings.

First Roll Out

This new algorithm update is estimated to affect about 12% of all search queries on Google, but only applied in United States first. Furthermore, it's soon will be rolled out to other countries.

Few days after the algorithm update, Google has been successfully slapping thousands of websites that previously have high rankings for certain keywords and put them far down.

Negative Impacts

However, those who affected by the negative impact of this change are not only low-quality and content farm sites, but also many authority websites are going down of their rank.

If a website is largely depends their traffic from Google, then these change would increase or decreased their visitors. Those who suffer from the decrease of visitors, will certainly reduce the amount of their income in terms of advertising, products or services.

Lots of great and authority sites scream a protest over this Google update, because they actually go down in ranking and their revenue will drastically declined starting in March 2011. They feel that their websites and their content were appropriate and good quality, but Google has no mercy and still lower their ranks.

Some big and famous websites who get a great slap from Google due to this change are,,,,, and

EzineArticles CEO, Chris Knight said that he would loss about 50% of visitors because of this Google update and he will try his best to make going back up again in rankings by making a number of new rules for authors and publishers there.

A Signal

Google also compares the feedback from the Chrome browser users for any website or web page that they do not want to appear in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). In this case, Chrome users can install an extension to block certain websites. These feedback will also be included in the calculation as one of many signals to consider whether the particular website's rank will be lowered.

As said by Amit Singhal that quoted from,

"The company added numerous 'signals,' or factors it would incorporate into its algorithm for ranking sites. Among those signals are 'how users interact with' a site. Google has said previously that, among other things, it often measures whether users click the 'back' button quickly after visiting a search result, which might indicate a lack of satisfaction with the site."

"In addition, Google got feedback from the hundreds of people outside the company that it hires to regularly evaluate changes. These "human raters" are asked to look at results for certain search queries and questions such as, 'Would you give your credit card number to this site?' and 'Would you take medical advice for your children from those sites?' ," Singhal added.

Positive Impacts

Type of web sites that might increase their rankings and increase the number of visitors due to Google update are social media sites (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), news sites (such as Fox News and BBC News) and retail sites.

However, a big algorithm update from Google has many positive impacts which, in addition to get rid of low-quality and content farm sites, it also fueled the spirit of the webmasters to further improve the structure of their website and write their own informative original content. So that they will remain friends with Google.

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