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Google Me VS Facebook – Who Will Be Shaken?

by Albert Mikha on July 15, 2010

in Search Engine,Social Media

Google may be King in Internet Search Engine, but for social networks, it keep stammered compared to Facebook or Twitter. But Google always has 'another' weapon . It is said that they are preparing a social network service called 'Google Me'.

Earlier this year, Google launched a different social network named Buzz. However, if the purpose for this  service is trying to compete with Twitter, it's absolutely has no chance to succeed.

Google Buzz has been complained since it automatically adding users (A.K.A friends) with the contacts that you often send emails and chat. This is quite annoying, because you are not always wants to be friends with people who often exchanged emails with.

Now Google is creating new "Facebook Killer" which soon will be launched to compete with other social network sites.

Matt Brittin, Google UK Chief Executive, when interviewed (as quotes from Telegraph), only saying that Facebook can still be 'shaken' because there are some opportunities to compete with that social networking site whose founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

"Facebook is an absolute phenomenon, but there are other social networks that will succeed, too. The global market is too great if only for one social networking." says Brittin.

As part of preparation for the launch,  now Google reportedly is conducting comprehensive research on various types of social networking.

Some tech sites like Mashable and TechCrunch mentions, that "Internet Giants" are now overseeing the development of social networking sites and examine the habits of its users.

The aim for this, obviously is trying to find out things / features that are not owned by social networking today. Other than that, of course to fulfill users of Google Me in expectation, taste and need.

But once again, no comment from  Google guy . Also they are still shut their mouth tight in regards to any certainty about the launch of Google Me.

In my opinion, if Google Me wants to (at least be able to) compete (even a little) with Facebook, it must has several things that Facebook didn't today.

Well, we'll just wait until Google officially announce it to public.

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