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Firefox 4 Ready To Duel With IE 9

by Albert Mikha on October 1, 2010

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As with the release of Internet Explorer (IE) 9 Beta, the new rival was born for Mozilla Firefox on world browser war. But the domination is not always on the new IE 9 Beta. Because Firefox has been release it's beta for version 4 which make the duel more fierce.

The Firefox 4 beta gives more "fire" to it's "fox" to do new things different from previous version. As now for speed, IE 9 has way more "horse power" (aka more faster) compared to IE 8 or Firefox 3.6. Based on benchmark test conducted with SunSpider Javascript, the Microsoft's latest browser is able to running couple time faster than Firefox 3.6.

Firefox 4 Ready To Duel With IE 9 | browser test result1 picture

IE9 has faster speed compared to even with the Firefox 4 beta. When asked about the feedback of new enhancement in IE 9, CEO of Mozilla, Mitchell Baker gave her views, "Internet Explorer now is perform better. We are pleased to see that it now comes with such many new performance in IE 9, which allow the developers to do more in the web."

In casual conversation at Hotel InterContinental Jakarta, in the framework of official visit of Mozilla Firefox in Indonesia, on Monday (9/27/2010) recently, she also added, "In a browser, performance is everything. IE 9 is a better product to deal with Firefox. We know the past versions of IE are not nearly as good as now."

When asked either the final version of Firefox 4 will be ready to duel with IE 9, Mitchell replied, "Yes, we are very confident that Firefox 4 will become a more powerful product."

For you who wants to test Firefox 4 beta, you can visit :

Or if you prefer to test IE 9, you can visit :

With that said, IE 9 now has a serious rival. So who will get "The Best Browser" title? It's your choice Firefox 4 Ready To Duel With IE 9 | icon smile picture

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