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Facebook & Twitter Advertising, Which One is Better?

by Albert Mikha on January 14, 2011

in Internet Marketing,Social Media

Today, more and more business owners and advertisers use Facebook and Twitter to get more visitors, more customers, build reputation, and runnning some commercial campaign. So if compared, which one is more effective? Running ads on Facebook or Twitter?

But, before answer this question, you need to ask yourself, what kind of promotion campaign you want? Because Facebook is more targeted while Twitter rely on speed of spreading word of mouth.

Facebook and Twitter each has different business direction. If you target certain people for your ad, then Facebook is the answer. If you want the ad message spread with a "lightning speed", then Twitter is the answer. But overall, Facebook is better in my opinion.

Facebook advertising provide more features and complete platform for advertisers to create and run their ads. Also they are able to targeting only certain people to view their ads. From choosing gender to people who have specific interest and hobby.  As an advertiser, you have a lot of choice on who will view your ads.

Like most ad network, Facebook also offers CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) and CPC (Cost Per Click) ad based. In most market, a Facebook ad cost is cheaper than Google Adwords. While it might attract less visitors to your offer / website, you will get more targeted "ready to buy" people. It means you can expect higher sales / conversion rate.

Twitter advertising reach more wider people and the speed of spreading is amazing. You could get tons of visitors in matters of minutes if you set it right. But the downside is, the traffic is not targeted. Well, you may get thousands visitor from Twitter ads, but there might be less sales / conversion.

Like I said before, Twitter is a great way to get your message / offer viewed and spread by many people at a time. Good to run any campaign like new products promotion, breaking news, trends and seasonal offers. Simply said, anything which don't have to target certain people is run best with Twitter.

Research, test, and choose your ads network carefully and you'll be succeed bringing more customer to your business. Happy Advertising.

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SEO Company January 25, 2011 at 5:31 PM

In my Opinion facebook is very Useful when compared with twitter.
In facebook we will easyly advertise our Products.



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